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Category: Homeopathic Facts

How to Heal Your Sleep

How to Heal Your Sleep

Good sleep is a cornerstone of good health. Without good sleep you can feel restless, anxious, cranky, foggy, angry, sad – a real mixed bag or often unstable emotions. On top of this you are much more likely to crave stimulants to help through the day you might want caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and perhaps even […]

Tips for Lockdown

Tips for Lockdown

Here we go again, lockdown time! Sometimes we just have to go with the flow. In this lockdown what are you going to do differently? A creative outlet can be a great solution. Arts, crafts, writing, cooking, making and doing help keep our hands busy and our minds calm. In the last lockdown I made […]

Bavaria launches study into homeopathy and AMR resistance

Bavaria launches study into homeopathy and AMR resistance

The Bavarian state government is to conduct a study into the role homeopathy could play in the reduction of the use of antibiotics. The move is in response to the World Health Organisation identifying antibiotic resistance (AMR) as a serious global threat and urging governments to come up with alternative strategies. Antibiotics is one of a set of drug […]

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