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Category: Homeopathy

All aboard for non stop sneezing season?

All aboard for non stop sneezing season?

Don’t let your summer turn into a bit of a bummer, I want you to be outside having fun! If you have hay fever allergies you may have started taking some medication, like anti-histamines to help keep your symptoms under control. However, anti-histamines mask the problem, they don’t address the underlying issues. “Your hay fever […]

Covid 19 and Hitting the Panic Button

Covid 19 and Hitting the Panic Button

Things are challenging at the moment, and we all deal with things in our own ways. If you are feeling anxious or stressed please know that the Healthy Homeopathy clinic is here for you ‘virtually’. Appointments are going on as usual, we have increased availability and appointments are being held via Skype or on the […]

Covid 19 Covid 19

Covid 19

This can feel like a difficult time and I wish you all the best over the next few weeks, try and adapt and this time will pass. It all feels a little surreal but I am really blown away by the community spirit that I am seeing around me, with many people trying to help […]

Can Homeopathy really help your Heart?

Can Homeopathy really help your Heart?

You may think that Homeopathy is just for hay fever or eczema but you would be wrong. Its benefits are far deeper, Homeopathy can certainly play a useful role, not only in preventative cardiac care, but also as a supportive treatment, in conjunction with conventional medicine. Homeopathy in such instances-although not in extremely acute, life-threatening […]

Water Memory and Poo stomach health

Water Memory and Poo

Q: How does Homeopathy work? A: Water has a Memory Frozen 2 surprised me, not because I had to take the kids to see it and stay awake, but because of its reference to the Memory of Water, I was thrilled! As a Homeopath I am familiar with the work of renowned French immunologist Dr. […]

Bavaria launches study into homeopathy and AMR resistance

Bavaria launches study into homeopathy and AMR resistance

The Bavarian state government is to conduct a study into the role homeopathy could play in the reduction of the use of antibiotics. The move is in response to the World Health Organisation identifying antibiotic resistance (AMR) as a serious global threat and urging governments to come up with alternative strategies. Antibiotics is one of a set of drug […]

Are you up for our Chill Out Challenge?

Are you up for our Chill Out Challenge?

Try these simple steps and you should notice some positive changes within a week or two.  If you are still suffering with stress you may benefit from contacting a registered professional Homeopath who can support your emotional health and sense of well-being by working with you to reduce your anxiety levels. The most important thing […]

Fight coughs and colds with homeopathy! homeopathy tablets

Fight coughs and colds with homeopathy!

After that long hot summer it looks like autumn is setting in. When it’s cold and wet outside but warm and cosy inside we are all susceptible to coughs, colds and flu. Take extra care by wrapping up warm, keeping good hand hygiene, and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. If you are unwell, help […]

Get Healthy for the New School Year

Get Healthy for the New School Year

The shops have had the uniforms, pencil cases and lunch boxes out for ages, probably since the first day of the summer hols! But it probably is time to start thinking about back to school and back to the routine.  When you are busy sharpening pencils, polishing shoes and ironing uniforms, don’t forget to also […]


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