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Category: Summer

All aboard for non stop sneezing season?

All aboard for non stop sneezing season?

Don’t let your summer turn into a bit of a bummer, I want you to be outside having fun! If you have hay fever allergies you may have started taking some medication, like anti-histamines to help keep your symptoms under control. However, anti-histamines mask the problem, they don’t address the underlying issues. “Your hay fever […]

Summer days can be the best days!

Summer days can be the best days!

Woohoo summer is here! The days are long and warm, the schools are breaking up, trips are being planned and good times are here! Don’t forget if you have a mishap then Homeopathy can help you with bites, stings sun burn and more. Homeopathy is easy and quick to self prescribe for non-serious, common ailments. […]


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