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Work with Me

What to expect

In our private consultation we will sit down together and talk about what's bothering you in confidence. I will share my homeopathic perspective with you and we will talk through the steps needed to help you achieve better health. To this end I will prescribe the best homeopathic remedies suited to your unique case.

I know it is important to you to find the right person to work with so I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation. You can ask any questions  and we can discuss how to work together to help you enjoy better health.

I offer a range of consultations and packages see below for more information or get in touch.



Free 30 minute consultation

Initial consultation
(60 minutes) £120

Follow up consultation
(30 minutes) £80

Family consultation (2 people)
(60 minutes) £120

Mineral Check and Consultation
(60 minutes) £170

Urgent telephone consultation
(20 minutes) £40


Health Packages


£200 PCM
2 consultations per month
(includes remedies and tissue salts)

This package helps

  • de-stress and worry
  • sleep disturbance
  • restlessness


£250 PCM
3 consultations per month
(includes remedies and tissue salts)

This package helps

  • panic attacks
  • agitation
  • lack of focus


£300 PCM
4 consultations per month
(includes remedies and tissue salts)

This package helps

  • panic attacks
  • general anxiety disorders
  • social anxiety disorder


£200 per month
(includes remedies, tissue salts & Mineral Check)

This package helps

  • Pre-conception care
  • PCOS, Endometriosis, ovulation problems, PID etc
  • Getting you fertility-fit


£150 per month
(includes remedies & tissue salts)


This package helps

  • Pregnancy symptoms and care
  • Mental and emotional support
  • Getting you birth-fit

Peri and Menopause

£150 per month
(includes remedies & tissue salts)

This package helps

  • Hot flushes, insomnia, migraines, low mood, etc
  • Balances Hormones
  • Empowers your transition

How to Pay

Full payment must be made at least two working days in advance to confirm your consultation, payment can be made via BACS, standing order or PayPal payment.

Receipts for health insurance are available on request.

Anxiety & Stress beaters

Why I became a Homeopath


What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that stimulates the body’s own healing power. Homeopathic treatment is designed around the individual, specific to their condition and character; a unique prescription. Homeopathy values you as an individual above all, taking in to account your personal lifestyle and your specific symptoms, rebalancing mental, emotional and physical health.

What are homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted quantities of substances derived from a variety of plants, minerals and other materials to stimulate the body’s own healing. They are specifically designed to suit you and your individual needs.

Is it safe?

Yes, as long as you are treated by a registered homeopath (RSHom). Homeopathy is gentle, non-addictive and free from side effects. Homeopathy can work alone or alongside any medication you may be receiving from your GP.

Can anyone visit a homeopath?

Yes, Homeopathy is a complete form of complementary medicine that treats mental, emotional as well as physical symptoms; it is safe and suitable for everyone including babies and in pregnancy, the focus is on your well-being and health, now and in the future.

What happens when I visit a homeopath?

The homeopath will spend up to an hour in a private consultation talking through your main complaint and any other symptoms. They will also want to know about your emotional state as this will inform the prescription. All information and your case are treated with up most confidentiality. Usually you visit the homeopath every few weeks to monitor changes in symptoms and progress and this is reviewed as your case progresses.

How do I know if my homeopath is qualified or not?

Look at the Society of Homeopaths register. Homeopaths registered with the Society have full homeopathic training from a recognised college, are insured and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

I have medical insurance. Will they pay?

Many private healthcare schemes give benefit for homeopathic treatment, in full or in part. You will need to talk to your insurance company directly to find out. Many health insurance companies require GP or specialist referral.

Need to postpone a consultation?

All consultations are paid at least 48 hours in advance. Please contact me if you need to postpone your consultation. Please give at least 24 hours notice in advance.

I know how important it is for you to find the best person to work with, that's why I offer a free 30 minute consultation so you can find out more.

What my Patients say about me

Healthy Homeopathy Clinic

The Practice
28 Hallowell Road

07730 898 892


Any views or advice on this website should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or consulting a Homeopath, especially if you have a specific health complaint.

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