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Water Memory and Poo

stomach health

Q: How does Homeopathy work?
A: Water has a Memory

Frozen 2 surprised me, not because I had to take the kids to see it and stay awake, but because of its reference to the Memory of Water, I was thrilled! As a Homeopath I am familiar with the work of renowned French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste. Back in 1988 his research concluded that water has memory and this can be transmitted with the same active qualities, findings that support the concept of homeopathy.

Have you ever had a homeopathic bowel nosode? Do you know what they are made out of?

Bowel nosodes are wonderful remedies cultured from stool. Developed by homepaths over a century ago including the fragrant homeopath Dr Bach of famed Bach flower remedies (Rescue Remedy etc.). Many homeopaths will use the bowel nosodes in their clinics to help with issues from anxiety to eczema.

So I was really interested to read that the allopathic world might be catching up with the homeopathic world in terms of gut and bowel health and thought you might be interested to read about your health and poo. (Perhaps don’t read the article whilst eating!)


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