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Sisters are doing it for themselves…

Friday 8 March will be International Women’s Day. #BalanceforBetter

Last year I am sorry to say that a few women on social media made me despair as they seemed to think that it was an extension of Valentine’s Day which involved pampering and a bunch of flowers. I hope International Women’s Day means a lot more to you like it does to me, forging a gender-balanced world where we can all prosper and feel safe. A day of peace,  and reflection but also a day to make sure that your voice is heard. To feel listened to is so important and I urge you to encourage yourself and other women and girls around you to feel strong and to support each other to help our world to continue to evolve and grow into a better place.

Personally International Women’s Day makes me think about the amazing women in my life; my mother, mother in law and other female relatives. It also makes me think about my friends. One of the best things about being female is the amazing friendships we foster and hold. The way women connect and bond is a wonderful thing. My best friends Emma, Maxine and Alexia may now live in different parts of the world but thanks to Skype, WhatsApp and other social media tools we keep in touch almost daily supporting each other through the trials of life and still having a laugh whilst doing it. So hurrah for my sisters and yes let’s keep pushing for complete equality.

We seem to live in a very materialistic age, but really something’s in life are important and something’s probably are not.  New stuff is not really important but your family, friends and health probably is, and so is being happy.  Happiness means a sense of contentment, feeling fulfilled and with a sense of joy.  Happiness is an attitude, something we can learn, it is a way of life, rather than something we are born with.  Of course it is unrealistic to aim to be happy all of the time, but it would be nice to happy most of the time, wouldn’t it?

In this time of uncertainty (Brexit anyone?) it is good to take stock and think about what really is important.  If there are children in your life then spend more time with them.  Your health?  Make time to go for a walk or swim or even a bit of yoga in your home?  Cook and nurture yourself and your family with nutritious and enjoyable food (if you don’t’ know how, then learn) Get outdoors, take the kids / dog / bike and go for a walk? Do you have a hobby you yearn to do, then if not now, when?

When I am not in my clinic I work for a charity and I honestly, helping others, can really help us feel good about ourselves and gives a great sense of achievement.  There are some many organisations that need volunteers, whether it is your local school that needs readers.  Your local hospice that needs visitors for the terminally ill.  Or a soup kitchen that needs help cooking or serving?   We can all make a little more time to do the things we want to do to make us fulfilled; it is all about prioritising our aims.

So if for 2019 you are thinking of being healthier, eating better food, doing more exercise, taking vitamins, sleeping more or anything else.  I urge you to think about your emotional well-being too and work on being happier. Have your friends over or a big sit down meal with your family.  Talk and spend time with those you love, because we might take them for granted but they really are the most important thing.

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