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How effective is Homeopathic treatment for PCOS?

What is PCOS?

About 1 in 10 women in the UK have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS. (source NHS website)

PCOS is when you have enlarged ovaries filled with tiny fluid sacs that surround your eggs. The tiny fluid-filled sacs can inhibit ovulation which leads to irregular, painful periods and reduced fertility.


PCOS Symptoms

  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Weight gain, especially around your abdomen
  • Excess hair growth on your face and body
  • Thinning hair on your head
  • Acne on your face, chest or back
  • Skin darkening
  • Persistent regular migraines
  • Reduced female fertility


Cause of PCOS

An imbalance in your hormone levels, including higher levels of insulin, contributes to the increased production and activity of hormones like androgen, and testosterone which is the cause of PCOS.


Best Homeopathic medicines for PCOS

Homeopathic medicine can address the underlying cause of your PCOS and also balance your hormones. Homeopathic medicine can boost your uterine, hormonal and overall health. By using bespoke natural remedies carefully selected for you by a qualified registered Homeopath your symptoms and the underlying hormonal imbalance can be effectively addressed.


Do you have late or scanty periods? Intense, bearing down cramps, especially in the pelvic area? Facial hair and or darkened skin? Then Sepia might be a useful homeopathic medicine for you to try and one of the best homeopathic medicine for PCOS. Sepia is a great homeopathic medicine to regulate periods, reduce facial hair and boost fertility and can be really helpful if you feel irritated and unmotivated.


Are your periods irregular or painful? Too short, heavy or late? Pulsatilla is a Homeopathic medicine that can help regulate flow and reestablish a healthy menstrual cycle. Suitable if you often feel timid and need to have a good cry.

Kali Carb

Have you not had a period for several months? Then Kali Carb can be a great homeopathic medicine to get things going and establish a regular menstrual flow.


Do you get sore or stinging ovaries? Or a tender uterine/abdominal area? Especially after sexual intercourse? Do you find that the abdominal area is swollen? Perhaps you feel very sensitive to heat, then Apis could be the best Homeopathic medicine for you.


Are your periods short, feeble or non-existent? Do you have abdomen pain before your period, so much so you avoid tight clothes? Then Lachesis might be the best homeopathic medicine for polycystic ovary disease.


Tips to manage your PCOS
Now we need to look at a holistic approach to managing your PCOS. This includes managing your diet, lifestyle, and your mental health during your menstrual cycle.

Women making a heart shape with her hands on her stomach, with a daisy.


If you have PCOS then chances are you have higher levels of insulin. You need to manage your sugar intake and refined carbohydrates. Don’t skip meals instead eat 3 unprocessed meals with plenty of veggies and up to 2 portions of fruit a day and 2 snacks a day. Low glycemic foods are good for you. Make sure you eat apples, berries, green vegetables, lentils, and beans regularly. Plenty of protein is also important to help you manage your PCOS. Every Wednesday I post on my Instagram simple, healthy good food ideas take a look here.


Regular exercise will help manage your blood sugar levels, which will help balance insulin levels and the production of male hormones. Exercise 3+ times a week. Exercise for at least 10+ minutes for each session. Build to 30-minute sessions. Whatever you enjoy do it, whether it’s dancing, jogging, swimming, HIT, yoga, or even walking.


Every day take your omegas, particularly omega-3, vitamin D and a good quality multivitamin. When you subscribe to my newsletter then you can use my exclusive code to enjoy 10% off all products from Higher Nature Subscribe here.


Learn to manage your stress levels by watching my video for 4 simple tips on Daily self-care routines.

When you get stressed, your body releases more testosterone, contributing to your hormonal imbalance. By regularly exercising, eating good nutritious food, meditating, and making time to do the things you really enjoy you can lower your stress levels. Invest in your health at all levels physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Your Next Step

I want to offer you a free consultation to talk about your symptoms and how homeopathic treatment can help you. Once you start a course of treatment with your qualified, registered Homeopath you should start to notice improvements within a few weeks. Homeopathic treatment for PCOS usually lasts around 4 – 6 months. This will vary according to your symptoms, how long you have had them and the severity.

Get in touch personally to book your free consultation with me and let’s work together to restore your hormonal health and wellness naturally.


Want to know more?

Watch my new video PCOS FAQs here



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Let's be pen pals!

Get my 'Five easy steps to manage your anxiety'

Dropping in with weekly inspo, strategies and content created with you in mind on how to be calmer, healthier and happier, naturally.

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