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It’s all about the honey, honey!

There is something about honey, something really quite amazing, not only is it delicious but it is so healthy and has medicinal properties.  It is anti-bacterial, and effectively prohibits the growth of bacteria.  It has been used since the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal properties and research into it only slowed down with the development of anti-biotics.

Over the centuries and around the world honey has been used for so many different things.  It can be useful topically for wounds, scars and scalds as it prevents bacteria from entering the area.  It can be added to hot water (never boiling as this destroys its anti-bacterial properties) and sipped with lemon and / or apply cider vinegar for an effective sore throat, cough, cold, flu remedy.  Honey is also a powerful anti-oxidant this means it can destroy biologically destructive chemical agents which have been linked to diseases such a cancer.   It is also part of the nutrient supply for the growth of new cells.

Bee Propolis is something I often get asked about in clinic, this time of year, it comes from the resin collected by bees from trees and plants, this collected the resin is combined with wax to make propolis.  Propolis is used by the bees in the hive to make a sterile environment, free from microbes.  Propolis is rich in nutrients and falvanoids which are responsible for anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory actions.  Again it has been documented that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it for wound healing and since the 12th century it has been used for mouth ulcers and throat infections.  In the First and Second World Wars it was used in first aid to reduce infection and speed healing.  In my clinic we suggest its use for immune support, especially this time of year as it promotes the body’s resistance to bacterial, fungal and viral infection.  So I urge you to support your body this winter by eating honey daily and investing in some propolis should you fall ill, wishing you a healthy winter, Kiran.

If you suffer from longer term complaints then it is advised to consult a qualified registered Homeopath.  Homeopathic remedies can be purchased from most Chemists and Health Food shops and from homeopathic pharmacies.  Please note any advice should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or treatment in an emergency always contact your GP or Accident and Emergency Department.

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