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Category: Immune System

Covid 19 Covid 19

Covid 19

This can feel like a difficult time and I wish you all the best over the next few weeks, try and adapt and this time will pass. It all feels a little surreal but I am really blown away by the community spirit that I am seeing around me, with many people trying to help […]

Bavaria launches study into homeopathy and AMR resistance

Bavaria launches study into homeopathy and AMR resistance

The Bavarian state government is to conduct a study into the role homeopathy could play in the reduction of the use of antibiotics. The move is in response to the World Health Organisation identifying antibiotic resistance (AMR) as a serious global threat and urging governments to come up with alternative strategies. Antibiotics is one of a set of drug […]

Allergies a growing concern

Allergies a growing concern

Are you one of the thousands of people in the UK affected by allergies? Do you suffer from food, environmental intolerance or chemical sensitivity?  The term allergy is used to describe a response, within the body, to a substance, which is not necessarily harmful in itself, but results in an immune response and a reaction […]

Fight Coughs and Colds with Homeopathy!

Fight Coughs and Colds with Homeopathy!

After that long hot summer it looks like autumn is setting in. When it’s cold and wet outside but warm and cosy inside we are all susceptible to coughs, colds and flu. Take extra care by wrapping up warm, keeping good hand hygiene, and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. If you are unwell, help […]

It’s all about the honey, honey!

It’s all about the honey, honey!

There is something about honey, something really quite amazing, not only is it delicious but it is so healthy and has medicinal properties.  It is anti-bacterial, and effectively prohibits the growth of bacteria.  It has been used since the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal properties and research into it only slowed down with the development […]


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