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5 Worst Food for Your Anxiety

Many people suffer from anxiety and most of us feel anxiety and stress often. If you have chronic stress of anxiety you probably use tools like homeopathy, meditation, yoga etc to deal with it.

Go one step further and try and avoid these five things to reduce the anxiety in your life.


Alcohol may feel like it calms you down, but it really doesn’t, as it impacts sleep quality as well as hydration which can trigger feelings of anxiety. In face alcohol interferes with serotonin levels (the feel-good hormone) in the brain which makes anxiety feel worse. When you do drink alcohol try and stick to one or two glasses a couple of times a week.


I am sure like me, you probably like a cup of tea or coffee but, don’t have more than three cups a day otherwise this will again impact your serotonin levels which will cause low mood.

Cultured Food

I love cheese! But too much is not good as when food is fermented bacteria breaks down the protein into biogenic amines including histamine. Histamine aggravates digestion, hormones and affects the nervous system triggering anxiety and insomnia.


Sugar occurs naturally in certain foods like fruit so try and avoid adding or added sugar as this causes your blood sugar and energy level to go up and down making you feel high and then low. Large amounts of sugar can make you feel anxious, irritable and sad.

Hydrogenated Oil / Trans Fats

Trans fats are packed with LDL cholesterol which have been linked to depression and anxiety – avoid!

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