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How to Heal Your Sleep

Good sleep is a cornerstone of good health.

Without good sleep you can feel restless, anxious, cranky, foggy, angry, sad – a real mixed bag or often unstable emotions.

On top of this you are much more likely to crave stimulants to help through the day you might want caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and perhaps even medication.

Add to the fact that you might feel you need to eat more and are less likely to want to exercise and we start to get a really clear understanding of how much this can impact our health.

I am going to give you my top homeopathic remedies to help promote and keep good sleep so you can feel fantastic and get on with your life.



When you need Passiflora you will be feeling restless either once you are in bed or you might wake up at 3 – 4am then doze  missing out on that vital deep sleep. You will wake feeling groggy and will want peace and quiet and you will find it  difficult to concentrate.



When you need Valerian there will be great sleeplessness, with much tossing and turning and anxiety. When there is finally some sleep dreams can be confusing. There can be muscular cramps as well felt in the body.


Nat Mur

When you need Nat Mur your mind won’t let you sleep there will be an idea or perhaps something that has happened dwelling in your mind and it won’t go away. There might be grief tied in with it. Perhaps even crying in the sleep or sleep walking. You will feel sleepy in the afternoon but have great difficulty sleeping at night.


Arsenicum Alb

When you need Arsenicum Alb there will be disturbed sleep, with twitching and even talking you will feel anxiety and restlessness. Dreams will be full of worry, sorrow and fear.


Nux Vom

You need Nux Vom if you have sleeplessness from a rush of ideas. Typically there will be waking up at 3am and then an inability to sleep until morning, upon waking you can feel wretched. In the evening there would have been tiredness, perhaps even a need for a nap but any sleep that does happen will be filled with hurry and worry.

If any of these remedies match how you are feeling you can take 1 pill before bed for 1 week. You can also add 1 pill to a glass of water and if you wake up at night sip the water.

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